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Review: Psycho-Pass: The Movie

9Psycho-Pass: The Movie is in two ways an obvious return to form after getting sidetracked in its second series. The film brings back writer Gen Urobuchi and character Shinya Kogami, both who’ve been missing since the events of series one. But its hour and a half runtime doesn’t prove long enough to explore any of the complex issues that have been lingering in the background for a while now, and whilst the film is fun in a conventional way, it doesn’t fully realise the potential of the franchise.

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Review: Psycho-Pass 2

Psycho Pass 2It its final scene the original Psycho-Pass alluded to a second series, but there’s still no denying that it nicely concluded all its main storylines. Psycho-Pass 2 carries on as naturally as possible for a sequel no one wanted that’s lacking its original writer, and initially surprises, if only because it’s not as bad as it could have been. But as it moves forward, Psycho-Pass 2 makes a few large stumbles, and struggles in its attempt to progress the franchise.

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Review: Psycho-Pass

Psycho PassDid somebody say ‘Dystopian Future’? Ah, the very words get me excited, and the premise of Psycho-Pass is certainly intriguing. Potential criminals used as hunting dogs to track down mentally insane criminals? In the future? Well, you’ve got my attention.

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