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Review: Ys: Memories of Celceta

ysYs: Memories of Celceta reminded me why I love RPGs, and how well suited they are to handheld consoles. It’s a genre that thrived on the PSP, but is still picking up pace on the Vita. Yet whilst Sony’s last handheld had four Ys games (maybe more depending how many games you consider Ys I & II Chronicles to be), Memories of Celceta proves that quality is more important than quantity, and combines refined gameplay with addictive mechanics to create quite possibly the best game in the series yet.

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Guide: Pro Tips for Muramasa Rebirth

Muramasa3In Muramasa Rebirth the real fun begins once you’ve seen the game’s end credits for the first time. This is also where the real challenge starts. I’ve put together a full guide detailing what you can (and should) do next that can be viewed here, but you’ll also want to know how to do it. Read on for pro tips as well as advice for the game’s toughest bosses.

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Retro Review: Shenmue

ShenmueBack in 1999 Sega spent $47 million making Shenmue, and looking back this was arguably money well spent. It’s a shame we don’t currently see that amount of cash being funnelled into games that are equally ambitious and innovative, but Shenmue walks a dangerous line and I can see why others have been unwilling to follow. It’s too advanced for it’s own good, and because of this remains an utterly unique and compelling experience today.

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Review: BlazBlue Alter Memory

BlazBlueAre you intrigued by the idea of a show that incorporates both time loops and parallel universes? How about one that barely explains how either of these function but still largely centres its plot around them? This is the question you should probably ask yourself before watching BlazBlue Alter Memory, as it’s an anime that is going to make you do some of the work. Better yet, ask yourself if you like BlazBlue, and if you want a show that actually ends up complimenting the games really well. It might not make a lot of sense at first, but Alter Memory ends up being the most enjoyable way to get into the BlazBlue story, and it’s a show that intrigued me enough to research and learn its components in a way the game did not.

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Happy New Year From Dracula’s Cave!

1Let’s make this year the best it can possibly be.