M1: A Death in the Desert

When M wakes up in an abandoned hotel he has no memory of how he got there. In the bedside draw he finds a list with three names and a gun with three bullets, but what he does with this information is up to you. Embark on a violence-soaked post-apocalyptic adventure where the answers to your questions come at a price. How far will you go to discover the truth?

  • Developer: DC_single-20Dracula’s Cave, based in the United Kingdom
  • Release Date: 8th of August 2017 (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux/Steam OS)
  • Platform: Steam
  • Genre: Visual Novel
  • Price: $2.99 USD
  • ESRB: T for Teen
  • Availability: Digital download
  • File Size: ~200MB
  • Contact: draculascave.co@gmail.com

M1 features:Lighthouse

  • An engaging narrative with deep moral choices
  • A labyrinth of branching pathways that culminate in one of five distinct endings
  • Two and a half thousand lines of dialogue told across fifteen locationsF
  • A full playthrough takes approximately 3–4 hours depending on reading speed
  • The first game by Dracula’s Cave – developed on-and-off over a period of 6 years, M1 is finally here



If you’re looking for high-res screenshots or banners they can be accessed from the following Google Drive folders:




Please email me: draculascave.co@gmail.com

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