Sloth Tales arrives on iOS and Android

Sloth Tales is a game I released on Steam last year. Now the game is available on iOS and Android too. As the game is free (and with no adverts either) there is nothing stopping you from having the game on both your computer and your phone.

So what even is Sloth Tales?

That’s a great question. Sloth Tales is a platforming game where you help Jimmy the Sloth search for his his biological father. I made it as a prologue of sorts to another game, Lion Quest Infinity, but the idea here was to create a more traditional game in the platforming genre.

Because of its simplicity, I’ve decided to bring the game onto mobile phones and you can now check out Sloth Tales for Android on the Google Play Store or for iOS on the Appstore.

During the porting process I also took the opportunity to revise elements of the core game. As such, the desktop version has now received an update to add in a new tutorial, as well as revised level geometry and dialogue changes to improve the game’s story.

So yes, Sloth Tales is also on Steam if you’d prefer to play it on the big screen:

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