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Review: Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus

Senran KaguraSenran Kagura is quickly becoming the most controversial series no one is paying any attention to. Hidden away in its niche genre is a game that from the outside appears indistinguishable from any other obscure Japanese anime release. But Senran Kagura’s overt sexualisation of its all-female cast is perhaps enough to surprise even fans of the genre, and to everyone else it’s likely to come across as perverted to an extreme level. The biggest shock? That behind the oversized boobs and dirty dialogue is a competent brawler that’s actually quite a lot of fun to play.

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Review: Psycho-Pass 2

Psycho Pass 2It its final scene the original Psycho-Pass alluded to a second series, but there’s still no denying that it nicely concluded all its main storylines. Psycho-Pass 2 carries on as naturally as possible for a sequel no one wanted that’s lacking its original writer, and initially surprises, if only because it’s not as bad as it could have been. But as it moves forward, Psycho-Pass 2 makes a few large stumbles, and struggles in its attempt to progress the franchise.

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F-Zero: When will Captain Falcon return?

F-Zero SNESF-Zero is one of my favourite videogame series. Like both Mario and Zelda, this Nintendo masterpiece started as a 2D classic and successfully reinvented itself in 3D, transitioning well with the evolving videogame climate. But whilst the other two series include modern titles that live up to their heritage, it’s now been eleven years since the last F-Zero. Will Captain Falcon be returning any time soon? I’m hopeful, here’s why.

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