Lion Quest Infinity launches on Steam

Hello. Today I’m releasing a game! Lion Quest Infinity has been in development for five years now so I’m very excited indeed to now be able to say that from today game is available on Steam and ready for you to play.

So what even is Lion Quest Infinity?

Lion Quest Infinity started out as a sequel to the original Lion Quest game I released back in 2016, but as a ground-up reinvention of the series in 3D it quickly moved beyond this. There are certainly throwbacks and Easter eggs to be discovered for players of the original, but the focus is on a brand-new story and it’s not your typical sequel.

In Lion Quest Infinity, Jethro the Lion steals a magic grandfather clock and sets in motion an epic adventure that takes him and friends across the universe and through time and space.

But that’s not all. Lion Quest is a fantasy adventure by night but your days are spent in the real world, working an office job. This new element gives an unexpected twist to the genre, with plenty of surprises in store for players.

Thanks for reading and please do check out the game on Steam. I hope you enjoy your trip to the Lion Quest Universe.

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