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Review: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4There’s really a lot to like about Uncharted 4. This is an adventure that jumps between genres in much the same way that Nathan Drake leaps between crumbling structures, swinging around around on his grapple hook without a care in the world. You are shooting stuff, climbing stuff, solving puzzles and traveling the globe in search of treasure. It’s a thrilling and cinematic ride that concludes the Uncharted series on a high note.

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General news

“At some point I will sort out some of the older content on the site and tidy things up around here” – Me, September 2015

This is actually starting to happen now, at least for the anime section. Did I really spend a day and a half doing nothing but making banners? Yes. Should you check them out? Yes. Will I do the same thing for the games section soon? Hmm….

Anime banners