Things are starting to happen

Lion Quest is returning… next year! Ahead of this I will be releasing a standalone platforming game called Sloth Tales. This will come out on Steam on the 30th October and it will be completely free (yay).

Sloth Tales is about half an hour long (maybe longer if you don’t like to be rushed) and features refined platforming action very much rooted in the style of the original Lion Quest. But with a sloth.

So what does this mean for the future?

I’m so glad you asked. Lion Quest is moving in a bold new direction so I’m really excited to also offer an experience that feels like a direct continuation of the original.

For those craving the simplicity of a refined 2D platformer (please god let there be at least one of you) this is the ticket – Sloth Tales is the original Lion Quest experience but reimagined with 4 more years worth of ideas and experience.

It will be available as a free standalone game and then also packaged as an unlock within next year’s premium release. So in the meantime why not add Sloth Tales to your wishlist so you can be notified by Steam when it is available to download.


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