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CRTs, PVMs, RGB SCART adapters and more – How to get the best picture from your retro games (part II)

IMG_0190Last time we began our journey towards the ultimate retro game picture, and this meant talking about cables. If you’ve landed here wondering how to make your old consoles look great then I’d recommend checking this article out first, as today I’ll be building on everything previously covered. That means I’ll be talking PVMs, CRTs, RGB SCART adapters and more.

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Review: Mario Kart 8 + DLC

Mario KartIn twenty two years the Mario Kart series has changed surprisingly little. Sure, the 2014 entry carries with it the performance boost you’d expect from a console significantly more powerful than the Super Nintendo, but the structure is predictable and the mechanics are familiar. Yet Nintendo has innovated around the game’s core, and this along with the companies ‘better late than never’ approach to DLC helps deliver an experience that doesn’t reinvent the franchise, but does succeed in defining its best modern entry yet.

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