LQVE: Lion Quest Versus Expanded

LQVE Lion Quest title

Jethro and friends return for a hypnotic voyage across the Lion Quest universe. Push the boundaries of time and space in this meditative platformer and experimental party game for 1–4 players.

LQVE Lion Quest characters

  • Developer: DC_single-20Dracula’s Cave, based in the United Kingdom
  • Release Date: 14th of December 2017 (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux/Steam OS)
  • Platform: Steam
  • Price: $3.99 USD
  • ESRB: E for everyone
  • Availability: Digital download
  • File Size: ~360MB
  • Contact: draculascave.co@gmail.com

LQVE features:Temple

  • 16 zen-inducing maps optimised for local multiplayer
  • New worlds including the dimension-shifting Enigma 2.0, Looper – the VS map that doubles up as a working drum machine, and M1: Quest – a crossover with the visual novel game made by Dracula’s Cave.  TT
  • Lion Quest mechanics rebuilt from the ground up to allow for more precise platforming, all new visual effects and game-changing powerups
  • 8 single-player tournaments, traditional platforming made un-traditional in Lion Quest Delta, unconventional Special Games and a plethora of unlocks to keep you busy


Images can be accessed from the links below:

Hi-res screenshots
Animated GIFs


Please email me: draculascave.co@gmail.com

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