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Review: Life is Strange

Life is StrangeIt’s strange how a developer that underwhelms in one genre can totally deliver in another. The example I’d usually cite is 5pb, who made the sub-par fighting game Phantom Breaker, screwed up their port of CAVE’s DoDonPachi DaiOuJou, and then made Steins;Gate – one of the most gripping and intelligent visual novels I can think of. But Dontnod Entertainment are now also proof that creating an immersive and interactive story is a completely different skill to making a solid action game. Life is Strange is from the makers of Remember Me, and whilst that was a game that could ironically be described as forgettable, the same is certainly not true for their latest title.

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The Ultimate SEGA Saturn Guide Part I: Introduction to the Saturn

Sega_SaturnThe Sega Saturn is a misunderstood console, and one often overlooked. Whilst SEGA’s system didn’t enjoy commercial success, strong sales are rarely an indicator of quality for either a system or its games. Put simply the SEGA Saturn is one of – if not the most, underrated console there is, and if you’re ready to explore its varied library of classic games then read on.

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EGX 2015 – Things I learned and upcoming games

EGXLast Sunday I went to EGX, the UK’s biggest videogame show. As someone who likes videogames quite a lot I enjoyed this chance to play all the ones that aren’t out yet, and after a few days recovering from all the free energy drinks I’m just about ready to recount my experience in full.

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