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Review: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle (Import)

titleIt’s been 25 years since the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga originally began, yet despite huge success in the printed medium there was a general shortage of the mandatory anime, games and other such items that usually follow. But since last year this is no longer true, and following on from the incredibly awesome anime, which finished back in April, we now have a fighting game fans won’t be forgetting any time soon.

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This Week’s Purchase: PSP Go

titleWhen the PSP Go first came out in 2009 a lot of people (myself included) didn’t take the console too seriously. In fact, its lack of UMD tray and reliance on the PSN meant I had little interest in what is now dark horse of the PSP family. But a few years later I’ve decided to give it a go (awesome pun intended), and for £50 picked one up, boxed in good condition. Today I’m going to look at the pros and cons of the system, and ask if in 2013 this shiny misfit of a PSP is now an underrated classic?

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Review: Rayman Legends

titleLooking back it seems almost crazy to think I once expected to pick up Rayman Legends as a launch game for the Nintendo Wii U. In fact this was the deal breaker for me, and I’d already bought the console before it was announced that not only would the game not make its March release date but it was now also coming out on pretty much every other console known to man. Now almost a year after I first played it, Rayman Legends is finally here. Worth the wait? Yeah.

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Review: Lost Planet 3

titleI’m not sure exactly why I was excited for Lost Planet 3. Maybe after the fairly disappointing Dead Space 3 I was looking forward to a game that took the whole ‘survival on an ice planet’ concept and explored it to it’s full potential. But after 2 fairly different yet equally mediocre titles, the Lost Planet series returns for the third time (seriously, who other than me is buying these games?) and the result is a strange game that’s certainly different to what came before it but, you guessed it, still mediocre.

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Review: Splinter Cell: Blacklist

TitleI’ll admit that I loved Splinter Cell: Conviction. Nothing too unusual about that, but I was also a huge fan of the original Splinter Cell trilogy. I know for a lot of people the action oriented gameplay in Conviction was a misstep, but for me it worked, and I thought the game was great fun to play. Alongside Double Agent we had two games that attempted to reinvent the series, but Blacklist brings back gameplay far more familiar to the classic games that once won us all over. You gotta go there to come back, right?

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Dracula’s Cave is open for business. You can call me Disco Dracula, I’ve been writing about games and whatnot for a few years now and figured it was finally time to get my own place. So welcome, come on in, and please enjoy your stay. I know there’s not much here just yet but I’ll be updating the site with videogame and anime news, reviews and opinions in the very near future. Thanks for stopping by, and come back soon yeah?

P.S to kick things off I’m going to be reviewing some newly released games. Please stay tuned!