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This Week’s Purchase: More CAVE games for the Xbox 360

MushihimesamaBack in September last year I imported an NTSC-J Xbox 360 and began my mission to acquire all the weird and wonderful CAVE games that never made it outside of Japan. Unfortunately the large cost of both the console and the rare import shmups meant that in order to prevent financial ruin I had to put my quest on a temporary hold. But although it took longer than expected I think I’ve finally got them all, and today I’ll run through everything new in the collection since last time.

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Review: Tokyo Ghoul √A

Tokyo Ghoul Root AWhen the first series of Tokyo Ghoul ended it did so without resolution. Now we have √A (Root A), the follow up that continues the arc which was paused so abruptly, but isn’t quite the sequel you’d expect. In contrast to original we have an experimental series that changes focus, recharacterises its protagonist, and expands in an unexpected way.

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