Introducing AudioTheory Guitars

AudioTheory Guitats titleAudioTheory Guitars is an interactive reference tool for guitar notes and chords. It greatly simplifies the process of learning and understanding music theory by presenting the necessary information in an interactive and customisable format. It is available to purchase and download for Mac OS and Windows.

AudioTheory Guitats screenshotAfter several years creating and releasing videogames, I’m pleased to announce that the first software release from Dracula’s Cave. For the first time we’re doing a product relating to my other love – one I haven’t talked about so much on here – the guitar.

This project was born out of my own desire for more informative guitar reference material; I’m a left-handed guitar player which means all chord and fretboard diagrams need to be mirrored. When I couldn’t find left-handed fretboard tuned half-a-step-down I decided to create my own. Then I tuned back to E and had to update my diagram. Then I wanted to share it with a friend who’s a right handed bass player and… well you get the idea.

So I started work on a fully interactive diagram. From here every other feature followed. With the addition of the keyboard, as well at the option to exclude notes, it became clear that the tool would be equally valuable to right handed players, as well as anyone looking to transcribe between piano and guitar.

The end package is AudioTheory Guitars, which is now available either directly or through Steam:


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