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Review: Street Fighter X Tekken

TitleWas I the only person who saw this fighting game crossover coming? I mean if we can have Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games then we can have Street Fighter X Tekken. Still, you’ll only be playing five minutes before realising that this Capcom developed game is essentially Street Fighter IV with Tekken characters, and we’ll have to wait until next year to see Namco’s take on the series.

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Review: Armored Core: Verdict Day

titleWhen it comes to niche games, Armored Core is about as specialist as they come. Developer From Software may have found their breakthrough series with Dark Souls, but even after fifteen years of Armored Core, the hardcore mecha simulation genre still has a limited appeal. Verdict Day is not much more than an extension of Armored Core V, and does little that will change anyone’s opinion of the series.

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Review: Dangan Ronpa

dangan ronpaIn Dangan Ronpa a group of highschool students are forced to compete in an evil game where the only escape is murder. Sound familiar? Dangan Ronpa isn’t even the only ‘Battle Royale’ esque story I’ve reviewed this week, but it certainly has more than enough originality underneath it’s familiar surface. In fact, it’s borrowed elements are all executed perfectly, and Dangan Ronpa is so good that it largely exceeds that which it takes influence from.

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Review: Grand Theft Auto V

title1When Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released on the PlayStation 2 back in 2004 it was certainly the biggest GTA ever made. But such a game taught us that bigger is not always better, and it would appear that Rockstar North has approached the challenge of every subsequent GTA with caution. It’s taken them five years to craft the sequel to one of the most iconic and well loved games of the generation, but is Grand Theft Auto V enough to satisfy those use to the ridiculously high standard set by the series? Honestly? Yeah.

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Review: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

titleSkyward Sword follows on Nintendo’s tradition of releasing an epic Zelda game in the twilight years of a console they appeared to have forgotten about. Two years on and I can say with certainty that this was the last great game for the Nintendo Wii, and it’s hopefully what the console will be remembered for, rather than the mass grave full of shovelware it had to climb out of to get here.

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Review: Puppeteer

titleIt’s difficult to play Puppeteer and not notice the clear influence many other popular platforms have had on it. Whilst this isn’t a game lacking in identity, it is one that presents new ideas side by side with mechanics that will be exceptionally familiar to fans of the genre. Is Puppeteer the next Little Big Planet? It honestly could be.

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Review: Gravity Rush

titleI first played Gravity Rush when I imported it a few months before it’s Western release. Since then I’ve also familiarised myself with the English language version, and as a result have put quite a lot of hours into the game. This wasn’t time wasted, and there’s so much to love about Gravity Rush. Unfortunately there’s also a few things to hate, and the game’s levels of brilliance are at times matched by it’s levels of frustration.

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Review: The Wonderful 101

titleEarlier this year I fell in love with two games. The first was Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a superb game despite it’s stupid title. The second, Vanquish, was originally released in 2010, although I had regrettably ignored it until a couple of months ago. Both these titles were made by Platinum Games, and this got me excited for their upcoming release; The Wonderful 101. It’s finally here, but sadly it’s not quite as wonderful as the title might suggest. Whilst certainly not a bad game, anyone use to the high quality experience Platinum Games usually deliver is likely to be disappointed.

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This Week on Dracula’s Cave

It’s been just over two weeks since I started Dracula’s Cave and I want to thank everyone who’s been reading the stuff on it and helping make it a success! The next week looks to be one of the few final weeks before Christmas where there aren’t any big releases, so I’m going to use this time to try some new things. Firstly I’m going to add some more to the review section, and will be reviewing a mix of old and new games. Also the site is currently a little light on anime content, expect the first anime reviews to start this week too. Then with any luck, this time next week I might just be reviewing the new GTA game…. Until then, please enjoy your stay at Dracula’s Cave!

Review: Killzone: Mercenary

titleKillzone: Mercenary follows on from a long string of games that have unsuccessfully attempted to bring console quality gameplay to Sony’s PlayStation Vita. The first person shooter genre has become particularly notorious for failing to translate, and Nihilistic Software (who were responsible for a bad Resistance game and an even worse Call of Duty) are likely to have tainted the expectations of anyone who played either of these two titles. How does Killzone handle the downsize? In three words? Better than most.

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