Review: Killer is Dead

titleTo describe Killer is dead as a strange game would be a grave understatement. Of course many would expect nothing less from videogame mastermind Suda 51, who was responsible for classics such as Killer 7 and No More Heroes. On the surface, Killer is Dead has a similar artistic direction and style to both these games, but before you even finish the first custscene you’re likely to realise that this is a vastly inferior game.

1Whilst visually impressive, Killer is Dead has some very messy presentation values. The menus can be awkward to navigate, the upgrades system is basic, and I’m still yet to work out why the gift shop charges over $6,000 for a packet of chewing gum. Once you get into the game itself you’ll realise that the awkward, clunky feel you’ve already been familiarised with actually carries through into the gameplay, and pretty much every aspect of Killer is Dead is rough around the edges.

The story deserves particular mention for being so bad it can’t even be enjoyed in an ironic way. The combination of utterly unlikable characters, a narrative that makes zero sense, and very poor voice acting results in cutscenes that are pure garbage and offer absolutely no enjoyment. I mean I understand that game’s can still be good without a story, but the tale Killer is Dead tells is so offensive that it significantly detracts from the experience. Oh, and the main character constantly says the phrase “Killer is Dead” for literally no reason. Killer is Dead.

2The gameplay itself isn’t completely terrible, but does little original or exciting. When I think about how unique and creative Killer 7 was, it’s disappointing that whilst Killer is Dead may look similar it instead presents gameplay easily comparable with most game in the hack ‘n’ slash genre. Think Devil May Cry with less combos, or Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance but not as fun and no replay value.

3Unfortunately I’ve not even got to what many will consider the most offensive part of Killer is Dead; the Gigolo Missions. Here you unlock extra items in a minigame where you have to stare at a woman’s eyes (when she’s looking at you) and her breasts (when she’s not). Because that’s how you get women to like you. If only I’d known this earlier, I could have been out staring at girls instead of playing this crappy game.

Overall Killer is Dead may keep you interested if you’re looking for a game that will graphically impress you. Unfortunately the overall package is shoddy, and the game has some significant faults that need overlooking. For me personally it’s the story I can’t forgive, but feel free to chose your own favourite problem. Killer is Dead.



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