Orange Cube trailer + screenshots

3A couple of weeks ago Dracula’s Cave made an exciting announcement; we’re making a game! Today we’re ready to show off Orange Cube, so please read on to check out loads of info about the game, as well as screenshots and a trailer.

Welcome to the O.C

Orange Cube is a platforming game with a focus on simplicity, exploration and a huge sense of adventure. Take your cube on an exciting journey through a world that tells its own story, and find your own way through massive levels full of strange artefacts and hidden wonders.

001_hYou can expect the following from Orange Cube:

  • Themed levels – each level has its own look and feel, as well as unique and varied gameplay elements.
  • New friends to discover – you’re not the only cube out there! Solve puzzles and make friends by controlling multiple cubes simultaneously.
  • Special effects – structures crumble and collapse before your eyes, and falling objects add a new dimension to navigational puzzles.
  • Secrets to find – each stage has branching paths and hidden areas. There are also some super secret levels that only the bravest explorers will discover.
  • Zen Sounds – enjoy an ambient soundtrack designed to increase concentration and relaxation, with a different track for every level.

003_hThe Technical Stuff:

Orange Cube is still in development. It’s already a pretty big game, although the final level count is yet to be confirmed. There’s no release date just yet, but the longer it takes the more content there will be, so hopefully it will be worth the wait!

The game is currently on Steam Greenlight (here) where it can be voted on for a potential release on Steam. If you use the service then I’m sure it goes without saying that I’d appreciate an up-vote immensely!

Whilst a release on Steam would be awesome, the competition is really tough, and once you’ve submitted a game for consideration you can see the average stats of the top fifty games, and they’re high. Orange Cube already has a few hundred yes votes (which is incredible!), but it would need thousands to stand a chance of getting released. Fear not though, as I plan on releasing the game independently through DC if Greenlight doesn’t work out!

002_hThat’s all for now, stay tuned to DC for more Orange Cube updates in the future!


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