Guide: How to Find the 9 XOF Patches and Unlock the Extra Ops Missions in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

titleAre you after the bonus mission in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes? To unlock the Extra Ops you’ll need to find 9 XOF patches hidden throughout the first Ground Zeroes level. Not sure where to start looking? Then read on for maps and screenshots of the locations to help make your search as easy as possible.

1General Info

The patches can be collected across several playthroughs as long as you’re playing the Ground Zeroes mission and you’re using the same save. It’s fairly easy to keep track of how many you’ve found as the game notifies you of your progress each time you pick up. Once you’ve got them all you’ll also need to finish the level, but if you follow the order in the guide below this shouldn’t take too much extra time. Once completed you’ll unlock a trophy/achievement and the Extra Ops, which is a different mission for Xbox and PlayStation players. In the maps below the patches can be found at Snake’s location (the white triangle).


1a1. It’s behind you!

The first patch is on the side of the cliff, directly behind where you start the mission.


2a2. In a pile of garbage

Once you’re inside the camp you can find the second patch in a pile of garbage near the entrance.


3a3. On top of the generator

The third patch is on the top of a large power generator. You’ll need to pick the lock to get through the fence and then the patch is found on the generator on the left.


4a4. On the hut roof

On the way down to the beach there’s a small hut, the fourth patch can be found on its roof.


5a5. By the prison door

Probably the easiest patch to find, this one is right by the front door to the prison camp Chico is being held in. Whilst you’re here you might as well rescue him to save time later on.


6a6. In a puddle

The 6th patch can be found in a puddle next to the helipad in the middle of the base.


7a7. In the drain

Patch number 7 can be found in a drain on the other side of the helipad.


8a8. On the roof

The 8th patch can be found on your way to rescuing Paz. Once you’re through the orange door you can climb onto the box in front of you and jump to the roof on your left from there.


9a9. On Snake’s back

Patch number 9 is on Snake himself. To shake it off you need to lie down on the ground and roll about a bit (move and click left stick). After a few rolls you’ll trigger a cutscene where the final patch flies off Snake and you can collect it from the ground.

10Once you’ve got patch 9 the only thing left to do is finish the mission. You should be near Paz’s location so grab her, extract, and enjoy the Extra Ops.

And that’s it, if you’ve got any questions then use the comments section below and I’ll do my best to help! If you’d like you can check out my full review of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes here.



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6 responses to “Guide: How to Find the 9 XOF Patches and Unlock the Extra Ops Missions in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes”

  1. John long says :

    i need help finding them
    iv played and saved on different times but the patches aren’t in the locations. i need help iv collected a few on each ground zero mission and finished the game not knowing what they were.

  2. Tim says :

    Thank you very much for the info. I sat though the 15min end credits 3 times thinking I missed something. Thanks again.

  3. Tee Why says :

    Please help me out, i can find any xof patch, i’ve been to all the location posted above still can’t find anything. I’m not playing it directly from the disk, i had it installed on my ps4…Could that be the problem?

    • DiscoDracula says :

      Hey, are you playing the first Ground Zeroes mission? That’s the only one where the patched show up. Playing the PSN/disc version won’t be the problem, they’re both identical. Have a look for the first patch, it’s right by the start of the mission!

  4. Alex Edwards says :

    So I found all 9 patches and the mission still isn’t unlocked what should I do?

    • DiscoDracula says :

      Hey, I had a similar problem – did you collect them on multiple playthroughs, as sometimes collecting them doesn’t register? If you’re not sure which patch caused this then I’d recommend playing through the level and collecting them all again, a little tedious I know but it should do the trick.

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