Guide: List of Caves of Evil in Muramasa Rebirth

Muramasa2Caves of Evil make up a large piece of Muramasa Rebirth’s post-completion content. Fighting your way through these ‘challenge rooms’ is certainly fun, but working out the order to face them in isn’t. That’s where this list comes in, and I’ve arranged the caves by recommended level and marked out their locations, so you’ll know where to find them, and how to face them in order of difficulty. I’ve also noted which of the later Caves unlock new swords to help you unlock all 108, as well as the final ending.

Note: This post is simply a list of the game’s Caves of Evil. For advice on how to complete them you can click here, or to go back to my full guide for Muramasa Rebirth please click here.

11Red Caves of Evil

Trial of a Hundred Monks (9+)
Located: Yamashiro

Incarnation of a Hundred Ninjas (9+)
Located: Musashi

Orange Caves of Evil

God of Pestilence (16+)
Located: Owari

Yellow Caves of Evil

Storm of the Kagura Tengu (23+)
Located: Totomi

Green Caves of Evil

Toad of Yourou Falls Level Range (29+)
Located: Mino

Light Blue Caves of Evil

Seven Samurai (36+)
Located: Mikawa

Blue Caves of Evil

Procession of the Snow Demons (42+)
Located: Hida

Purple Caves of Evil

Valor of the Witching Hour (47+)
Located: Sagami

Assault of the Elite Ozaru Ninjas (49+)
Located: Iga

White Caves of Evil

Frolicking Animals (50+)
Located: Kai

Treachery of the Yagyu Clan (57+)
Located: Yamato
Reward: Prayer of the Raven

Giant Centipedes of Sukzuka Ridge (64+)
Located: Ise
Reward: Blade of Absolute Truth

Dragons of Heaven and Earth (71+)
Located: Suruga
Reward: Sword of Rejuvenation

Hundred Deaths of the Demon Army (78+)
Located: Omi
Reward: Sword of Corruption

Battlefield of the Damned (85+)
Located: Shinano

Night of Absolute Chaos (92+)
Located: Izu


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