5 Games With a Creative Use of the Sewer System

title2I think people love videogames without even knowing why. They’re just great. What I love is how they manage to make things we wouldn’t do/have fun doing in real life enjoyable. Of course someone will try and tell you that Grand Theft Auto makes people want to kill each other, but if that’s the case does Super Mario make you want to take mushrooms and jump on turtles? What you’re actually doing in a videogame usually has very little to do with the enjoyment you are experiencing, and to try and demonstrate this here’s five games with different examples of the fun you can have in a videogame sewer.

011. Gravity Rush

Have you ever wanted to live in the sewer? Probably not, but Gravity Rush lets you realise this dream you never knew you had. There are many great things about the game’s protagonist Kat, including the fact that she never lets anything get her down. She has nowhere to go, but that doesn’t matter and she takes up residence inside a sewer pipe. This makes for a pretty cool house, and when you visit you can do fun activities such as ‘Save’ and ‘Warp’.

022. Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing

Living in the sewer might have been a bit much, but I bet you’ve wanted to race cars around a lake of neon sewage, right? I don’t even remember the Curien Mansion (aka ‘The House of The Dead’) having a sewer system, but who cares about the details. I’m sure that SEGA was just dying for an opportunity to fully realise their idea for a bright green sewage themed racecourse.

033. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

I’d imagine that a real sewer is pretty scary and full of diseases, so Oblivion gets extra points for realism. Plus it has the one thing the actual sewer system is missing; vampires. But what’s best is that when you leave it at the start of the game the outside world is so scary and brutal (and you will probably get robbed/killed by a cat thief in the first hour of gameplay) that I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re tempted to go back. You could set up residence or try and build a race track?

044. Grand Theft Auto V

I’ve thought of something else the sewer is missing. Motorbikes. In Grand Theft Auto V the sewer is the road to freedom, and the first heist ends in an epic chase through the Los Angeles (sorry, ‘San Andreas’) sewer system. Bonus points for the slow motion ability that lets you admire the view.

05 25. Mario Bros.

Or Super Mario Bros. for that matter, they’re all great. In the first game the sewer pipes are a source of endless enemies (and therefore entertainment) and by the second they’re a very useful method of transportation. In fact, if you know where you’re going you’ll find certain pipes that even facilitate teleportation. I mean why waste your time on ground level when there’s a nice and safe sewer system to take you where you need to go?

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