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10 Classic Games that are also Completely Worthless

vice cityA lot of the time the value of a retro game is directly related to its quality; there’s higher demand for good games so naturally they should cost more. However, there are other factors at play too, for example rarity and desirability. There’s even a few great games that didn’t sell too well, and now there are more than enough copies to go around. Today I’ve gathered ten of my favourite titles that are not only brilliant, but for a variety of reasons are completely worthless too.

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5 Games With a Creative Use of the Sewer System

title2I think people love videogames without even knowing why. They’re just great. What I love is how they manage to make things we wouldn’t do/have fun doing in real life enjoyable. Of course someone will try and tell you that Grand Theft Auto makes people want to kill each other, but if that’s the case does Super Mario make you want to take mushrooms and jump on turtles? What you’re actually doing in a videogame usually has very little to do with the enjoyment you are experiencing, and to try and demonstrate this here’s five games with different examples of the fun you can have in a videogame sewer.

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Review: Grand Theft Auto V

title1When Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released on the PlayStation 2 back in 2004 it was certainly the biggest GTA ever made. But such a game taught us that bigger is not always better, and it would appear that Rockstar North has approached the challenge of every subsequent GTA with caution. It’s taken them five years to craft the sequel to one of the most iconic and well loved games of the generation, but is Grand Theft Auto V enough to satisfy those use to the ridiculously high standard set by the series? Honestly? Yeah.

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