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The 15 best games for the PlayStation Vita

For a while there was this awful rumour going around that there were no good games for the PlayStation Vita. It’s not quite true and I’ve been able to think of at least fifteen classics. Now seven years old, the Vita is an underrated system with a library full of hidden gems.

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5 Games With a Creative Use of the Sewer System

title2I think people love videogames without even knowing why. They’re just great. What I love is how they manage to make things we wouldn’t do/have fun doing in real life enjoyable. Of course someone will try and tell you that Grand Theft Auto makes people want to kill each other, but if that’s the case does Super Mario make you want to take mushrooms and jump on turtles? What you’re actually doing in a videogame usually has very little to do with the enjoyment you are experiencing, and to try and demonstrate this here’s five games with different examples of the fun you can have in a videogame sewer.

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Review: Gravity Rush

titleI first played Gravity Rush when I imported it a few months before it’s Western release. Since then I’ve also familiarised myself with the English language version, and as a result have put quite a lot of hours into the game. This wasn’t time wasted, and there’s so much to love about Gravity Rush. Unfortunately there’s also a few things to hate, and the game’s levels of brilliance are at times matched by it’s levels of frustration.

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