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Guide: How to Complete Absolutely Everything in Muramasa Rebirth

MuramasaCompleting everything in Muramasa Rebirth can be a little confusing, but mainly because the order in which the game’s post-completion tasks should be tackled in isn’t always clear. Once you’re done with the main story there’s still a lot to see and do, so here’s a spoiler-free guide for anyone who wants to make sure they get the most out of the game.

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Guide: List of Caves of Evil in Muramasa Rebirth

Muramasa2Caves of Evil make up a large piece of Muramasa Rebirth’s post-completion content. Fighting your way through these ‘challenge rooms’ is certainly fun, but working out the order to face them in isn’t. That’s where this list comes in, and I’ve arranged the caves by recommended level and marked out their locations, so you’ll know where to find them, and how to face them in order of difficulty. I’ve also noted which of the later Caves unlock new swords to help you unlock all 108, as well as the final ending.

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