Guide: Accessories for Every Occasion in Muramasa Rebirth

2 copyUnlocking all accessories in Muramasa Rebirth can be one of the game’s more difficult challenges to keep track of. In total there are 55 to collect, and they are found all over the game’s world. If you’re trying to collect them all, or are simply looking for one in particular, then hopefully this list I’ve compiled will help.

Please note: this accessory list is only 100% accurate for Momohime, who I collected them all as. If you’re playing as Kisuke then the vendor’s stock will be different and some of the treasures are found elsewhere. I will try and update this list to include these variations if I have the time.

1If you’re looking at collecting them all (which unlocks a silver trophy) you’ll need to complete all of the other character’s bosses, all of your own character’s bosses a second time, and some of the Caves of Evil (full list here). You’ll also need to visit every vendor in the game and buy every accessory they sell. Doing this, combined with playing the game naturally, is going to unlock you most of the accessories, but chances are you won’t know where to start looking for the ones you’re missing. That’s where the list comes in, and you can easily compare it to your own list in the game to quickly see which accessories you’re missing, and where to find them.

••Some of the locations are a bit of a work in progress. If you spot anything incorrect, or have any additional info that is of help, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the guide!••


1) Ninja Gauntlets: Musashi vendor
2) Kitsune Gauntlets: Suruga treasure
3) Tengu Gauntlets: Shinano vendor
4) Mantis Gauntlets: Narukami Castle (Mino) treasure (right near the boss there is a moving bridge. Jump down the left side to find a hidden room)
5) Chaos Gauntlets: Yamashiro vendor
6) Tumult Gauntlets: Ise treasure
7) Demon God Gauntlets: Yamato vendor
8) Dragon God Gauntlets: Reward for beating Yukinojyo a second time (Suruga)


9) Ninja Belt: Sagami vendor
10) Kitsune Belt: Suruga vendor
11) Tengu Belt: Mt. Norikura (Hida) treasure
12) Mantis Belt: Mino vendor
13) Chaos Belt: Hell (Yamashiro) treasure
14) Tumult Belt: Ise vendor
15) Demon God Belt: HQ of Shingon, Renge School (Yamato) treasure
16) Dragon God Belt: Reward for Kisuke’s boss Torahime (Mino)


17) Tengu Mask: Suruga treasure (middle screen, bottom row)
18) Chaos Mask: Yamashiro treasure (on the path leading to the entrance to Hell, inside a house)
19) Demon God Mask: Yamato treasure (on top a cliff, bottom right of map)
20) Dragon God Mask: Reward for beating Big Oni a second time (Yamashiro, Hell)


21) Salamander Robe: Musashi treasure (down a well, one screen left of red Cave of Evil)
22) Kappa Scale: Hida treasure
23) Demon Necklace: Mino treasure
24) Dragon Necklace: Ise treasure
25) Scroll of the Master: Yamashiro (southwest side of map, in a small room)
26) Chainmail: Reward for Musashi Cave of Evil
27) Wolfsbane: Reward for Hida Cave of Evil
28) Cursed Hebenon: Reward for Kisuke’s boss Chigurui Bishamon (Shinano)
29) Cypress Rosary: Reward for Owari Cave of Evil
30) Cloisonne Rosary: Reward for Kisuke’s boss Tsuchigumo (Yamato)
31) Clove Oil: Shinano vendor
32) Swordsman’s Sheath: Musashi vendor
33) Blade Masters’s Scabbard: Ise vendor
34) Amulet of Ise: Reward for Mino Cave of Evil
35) Amulet of Izumo: Reward for beating Ippondatara a second time (Hida)
36) Yamato Nostrum: Reward for beating Mikawa Cave of Evil
37) Toyama Elixir: Reward for beating Shinano Cave of Evil
38) Preta Saucer: Reward for beating Kai Cave of Evil
39) Beelzebub Saucer: Reward for Yamashiro Cave of Evil
40) Golden Hammer: Reward for beating Totomi Cave of Evil
41) Straw Millionaire: Suruga vendor
42) Crystal Magatama: Mino vendor
43) Jade Magatama: Reward for beating Chimera a second time (Mino)
44) Demon Ward: Yamashiro vendor
45) Pandemonium Seal: Reward for beating Blue Monk a second time (Sagami)
46) Boots of Sneaking: Reward for Iga Cave of Evil
47) Stealthy Slippers: Reward for Kisuke’s first boss Kurozaru (Yamashiro)
48) Triangle: Reward for Sagami Cave of Evil
49) Cowbell: Reward for beating Wanyudo a second time (Musashi)
50) Hammer of Masamune: Yamato vendor
51) Abacus of Infinite Wealth: Reward for Kisuke’s boss Sayo (Totomi)
52) Imari Lacquerware: Reward for Kisuke’s boss Giant Centipede (Iga)
53) Tablet of the Bodhi Tree: Reward for beating Raijin a second time (Ise)
54) Thunderous Bangle: Reward for Izu Cave of Evil
55) Bracelet of the Deva King: Reward for beating Kisuke’s boss Dragon God (Suruga)

And that’s them all! If you’d like to return to my main Muramasa guide, designed to help you get the most out of the game, please click here.

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6 responses to “Guide: Accessories for Every Occasion in Muramasa Rebirth”

  1. The Otaku Judge says :

    This seems like a handy list. I may need to consult it when I play they game. I think I have the game downloaded on my drive as a PSN Plus freebie.

    • discodracula111 says :

      Thanks! It’s a really fun game, would have been an awesome PS plus freebie for me too if I didn’t already have it! :)

  2. Jeff Jordon says :

    Now the freebie is Dragon’s Crown (another Vanillaware great), I sold mine then downloaded it.

    • discodracula111 says :

      Nice! Vanillaware make the best games, I’ve also got Odin Sphere which was one of their first games and that’s awesome too

  3. Umar Jahangir says :

    This is a really handy list and I have been using it to get my platinum. Its so handy that I actually saw your exact list being copied and pasted on Muramasa’s trophy tips page on without giving credit to you by the way, probably other trophy related sites too.

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