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The 15 best games for the PlayStation Vita

For a while there was this awful rumour going around that there were no good games for the PlayStation Vita. It’s not quite true and I’ve been able to think of at least fifteen classics. Now seven years old, the Vita is an underrated system with a library full of hidden gems.

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Review: Ys: Memories of Celceta

ysYs: Memories of Celceta reminded me why I love RPGs, and how well suited they are to handheld consoles. It’s a genre that thrived on the PSP, but is still picking up pace on the Vita. Yet whilst Sony’s last handheld had four Ys games (maybe more depending how many games you consider Ys I & II Chronicles to be), Memories of Celceta proves that quality is more important than quantity, and combines refined gameplay with addictive mechanics to create quite possibly the best game in the series yet.

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10 PSP Games Still Worth Playing

titleThe PSP has been around for nearly 10 years, and has an incredibly varied library of games. Unfortunately, finding the good ones can at times feel like wading through a big pile of garbage, and by garbage I mean a big pile of rushed PS2 ports that are even worse now than when they first came out. But underneath there are some great RPGs, a few hidden classics, and other forgotten games that are still well worth playing. Last week I picked up a PSP Go and since then I’ve been hunting down the classics, now I present you with ten whole games that are still great fun to play today.

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