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The Worst Videogame Father Figures

booker_elizabethToday it’s Father’s Day in the United Kingdom. That means it’s a day about celebrating fathers, and of course, our virtual fathers too. Videogames provide many great lessons in the field of parenting, although admittedly this is usually in the form of what you shouldn’t be doing. Read on to see who I’ve singled out as some of the worst father figures in videogame history.

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This Week’s Purchase: Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles Collector’s Edition

1 altIs there any greater sign of excess than the collector’s edition of a videogame? And I mean a real collectors edition, the kind that has fancy packaging and a figurine or two, not a download code for an extra multiplayer map or shiny coloured gun. This week I’ve indulged myself with the remake of my favourite GameCube RPG (and its fairly average sequel on the Nintendo Wii). I present you with the Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles Collector’s Edition.

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Review: Tales of Xillia

titleI’m really not quite sure what to make of the Tales series. The games have always been of an inconsistent quality, and all have failed to surpass the first title I played; Tales of Symphonia. Still, every new release has me excited at the prospect that it might, just might, recapture the brilliance I know the series is capable of. Unfortunately Tales of Xillia fails to even reach the levels of mediocrity that these games usually at least achieve.

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