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The Ultimate Cable Guide – How to get the best picture from your retro games (part I)

Ultimate Cable Guide3If you’ve ever tried to plug your old Super Nintendo or Mega Drive into a modern, High Definition television, then it’s likely that you were quite horrified with the results. Without the right set up, and the right cables, retro games don’t look good – especially on new TVs. But working out what kit your need, and what will work best for you, can be more that a little confusing. That’s why I’ve put together this guide, which starts with the basics but also covers all the complicated stuff you’ll need to help get the best picture from your retro games.

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This Week’s Purchase: SEGA Master System (plus additional SEGA items)

titleAnyone following DC may be vaguely aware of the evolution of my SEGA collection, and in the past I’ve documented both my Mega Drive and Dreamcast buying sprees. Alongside the Saturn my collection was nearing completion, and finally this week I turned my attention to the one console that was notably absent; the Master System.

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This Week’s Purchase: SEGA Mega Drive(s) + Games

genesisThis week I bought a box of SEGA Mega Drive consoles and games. Today I’ve been sorting it out, and will be looking at both SEGA’s classic console and some of the games I’ve picked up for it.

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