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Top 5 games inspired by Twin Peaks

It’s been quite the wait, but this week Twin Peaks has returned after a twenty six year break between its second and third season. In that time, Mark Frost and David Lynch’s cult classic has been hugely influential, and its ambitious storytelling, eerie atmosphere and memorable characters have had a notable influence on many videogames. Today I’ve picked out my top five games that embody everything great about Twin Peaks.

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Review: Life is Strange

Life is StrangeIt’s strange how a developer that underwhelms in one genre can totally deliver in another. The example I’d usually cite is 5pb, who made the sub-par fighting game Phantom Breaker, screwed up their port of CAVE’s DoDonPachi DaiOuJou, and then made Steins;Gate – one of the most gripping and intelligent visual novels I can think of. But Dontnod Entertainment are now also proof that creating an immersive and interactive story is a completely different skill to making a solid action game. Life is Strange is from the makers of Remember Me, and whilst that was a game that could ironically be described as forgettable, the same is certainly not true for their latest title.

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