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Review: Killer is Dead

titleTo describe Killer is dead as a strange game would be a grave understatement. Of course many would expect nothing less from videogame mastermind Suda 51, who was responsible for classics such as Killer 7 and No More Heroes. On the surface, Killer is Dead has a similar artistic direction and style to both these games, but before you even finish the first custscene you’re likely to realise that this is a vastly inferior game.

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Review: Splinter Cell: Blacklist

TitleI’ll admit that I loved Splinter Cell: Conviction. Nothing too unusual about that, but I was also a huge fan of the original Splinter Cell trilogy. I know for a lot of people the action oriented gameplay in Conviction was a misstep, but for me it worked, and I thought the game was great fun to play. Alongside Double Agent we had two games that attempted to reinvent the series, but Blacklist brings back gameplay far more familiar to the classic games that once won us all over. You gotta go there to come back, right?

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