LQVE: Lion Quest Versus Expanded launches on Steam

LQVE Lion Quest titleJethro and friends return for a hypnotic voyage across the Lion Quest universe in LQVE: Lion Quest Versus Expanded – now available on Steam. Push the boundaries of time and space in this meditative platformer and experimental party game for 1–4 players.

Lion Quest Versus Expanded includes the following cool features:

    • 6 zen-inducing maps optimised for local multiplayer.


    • New worlds including the dimension-shifting Enigma 2.0, Looper – the VS map that doubles up as a working drum machine, and M1: Quest – a crossover with the visual novel game made by Dracula’s Cave.


    • Lion Quest mechanics rebuilt from the ground up to allow for more precise platforming, all new visual effects and game-changing powerups.


    • 8 single-player tournaments, traditional platforming made un-traditional in Lion Quest Delta, unconventional Special Games and a plethora of unlocks to keep you busy.


  • Introducing: Jimmy the Sloth. If there’s one thing that was missing from the original Lion Quest, it was a Sloth.

You can check out LQVE: Lion Quest Versus Expanded on Steam here.

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