Guide: How to Find and Kill the 6 Dragons/Unlock the Vampire Asterisk in Bravely Default

Bravely Default title 2Most of Bravely Default is pretty straightforward, but one side-quest in particular had me a little stuck. It’s not necessarily something you won’t be able to work out on your own, but before you’ve unlocked the Vampire Asterisk you may find yourself a little confused. So here I present a guide (with only very very minor spoilers) that I hope will come in handy if you aren’t quite sure exactly what you need to do and when.

Bravely Default 2F.A.Q

Dragons? Yup, six of them. You won’t have to worry about them until a blue bubble appears above Vampire Castle (top left of the map, roughly 30 hours into the game) indicating that the optional side-quest which eventually unlocks you the Vampire Asterisk is now available. Once you reach the castle a short cutscene will play out, but the door wont open as you’re missing six keystones which are required to unlock it.

So how do I open the castle door? You’ll need to find six pillars dotted around the world map. At each one you’ll fight a dragon, and once it’s defeated you will be rewarded with a keystone.

And where are these dragons/pillars? There’s a map below with their locations.

Any tips for defeating them? Yup, see below. There’s also a boss at the end of Vampire Castle, but he can be defeated using similar strategies, and if you’re able to beat the dragons then you shouldn’t have too much trouble here.

But I’m not a high enough level and I’ve done everything apart from enter the pillar of light? This confused me a bit. When you reach the Pillar of Light the game warns you that you’re about to cross a point of no return, but don’t worry. You can still complete this side-quest once you’ve entered the pillar. What’s even better is that doing so will also unlock some new opportunities for levelling up, so it’s easy to make your party stronger if you’re having trouble.

What level were you when you fought them? All my party was level 64 when I started dragon hunting, I think I made it to level 65 in the process. The battles weren’t too hard, but I wouldn’t recommend being a much lower level.

Is there anything else I need to do? Once you’ve defeated the dragons you can open the door to Vampire Castle. Here you’ve got a seven floor dungeon followed by a boss fight. After this you’ll be rewarded with the Vampire Asterisk.

Bravely Default Dragon MapThe Map

Here’s a map showing the locations of the six dragons (the big dots). From left to right the dragons are as follows:

Earth Dragon, Fire Dragon, Dark Dragon, Wind Dragon, Water Dragon, Light Dragon

Each dragon has the same amount of HP (75000) and the same three attacks but under a different element. Some can cause status effects meaning that the Wind Dragon and Fire Dragon are potentially a little easier than the rest, but to be perfectly honest if you can defeat one then you can defeat all of them.

General advice: I’d recommend having both a Spiritmaster and a Templar in your party. Once levelled up the Spiritmaster will be able to use the Stillness and Enigma abilities whilst the Templar can use Rampart. These will allow you to greatly protect your party, and easily recover from/prevent high damaging attacks. Rampart in particular is invaluable when facing the boss at the end of Vampire Castle, and without it there’s a risk your entire party will be wiped out in one turn.

Using these skills as necessary you can shield yourself from physical attacks with Rampart and elemental attacks with Enigma. Then when your HP is running low you can use Stillness to allow yourself time to recover fully.

Hopefully there’s enough here to help with any problems you might have had, but if you’re still stuck or need some extra advice please use the comments section below and I’ll do my best to help.

Bravely Default 1

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20 responses to “Guide: How to Find and Kill the 6 Dragons/Unlock the Vampire Asterisk in Bravely Default”

  1. The Otaku Judge says :

    I wish I would have seen that map back when I played the game. I had to travel all across the globe looking for those pesky pillars.

    • discodracula111 says :

      Haha, I know the feeling! The last one took me so long to find, that’s when I knew a map was needed :)

  2. J says :

    I’m being absolutely mauled by the Earth dragon at level 70 (I’m a grinding nut). I now realize I was just using my skills wrong, thanks.

  3. psycho666 says :

    my keystone are not triggering a dragon fight, any help? i am in new game plus and have been to the vamps castle

    • discodracula111 says :

      I’m not sure, unfortunately I’ve not got that far in new game plus. Can you get inside vampire castle or does it say you need the six keystones?

  4. SaneForTheMostPart says :

    So, dumb question, but how to I get off this continent to seek out the keystones? I don’t see a port to access my ship.

    • discodracula111 says :

      If you tap right on the d pad you bring up a menu on the bottom screen. From here you can tap on the ship icon to enter your ship in flying form on land :)

    • Name(required) says :

      Keep in mind that to use the ship you must be on a big enough area in the map. Just press the arrow on the bottom screen to see the icons that include the save option, norende village etc. then just keep looking at the ship icon. When it looks colored tap it to rise into the airship.

  5. kakregax says :

    your labels of what dragon is where is all off to the point where its rage worthy.

  6. Naz says :

    This is the first time I’m fighting against the vampire and he seems to be pairing up with victor the spirit master. I can’t defeat them, they are a strong pair. Please advise me. Thanks

    • SaneForTheMostPart says :

      You must have waited until a late chapter to do that quest. When I fought that group, I used the ninja skill that starts with a “u” to dodge and counter all attacks, so I could ignore the vampire and take out Victoria first, then Victor. Using slow or “shin smash” (pirate) on all the enemies to make sure all your characters go first every round helps a lot in making sure the right people get healing in time. If you have the master all ability (forgot what it’s called) on a white mage, you can use brave and put double shell on everyone to start the battle, and that will help with Victor and Victoria’s magic attacks.

  7. madcomputerist says :

    4 Ninja
    Comeback Kid, Transience and Turn Tables (from Red Mage) abilities
    Make sure Utsusemi is applied for every player.
    You can even finish the dragons with Unscathed bonus.

  8. Greygriffoneer. says :

    Three templars who rotate using Rampart and a thief with Godspeed Strike, Only Yulyana can beat you. Thats when you replace the Templars with Spiritmasters using Enigma. So many ways to break this game.

  9. Sly says :

    i’ve beaten two of the dragons already and i’m only level 54 is it just because i’m amazing at the game or is it because the salvemaker is op as hell

    • Itsjustme says :

      You’re playing easy mode and defeat them at lvl 64, what are ya n00b? (It’s just a joke, no ofense) With a good strategy (no ninja abuse) you can defeat them at lvl 53 in hard mode, as I’m doing right now, and they have +130000 HP each and their other stats are also a lot higher.

  10. FreeLiberty says :

    I was using this guide cause I have been having trouble with these dragons, but does anyone know why my dragons have 99,999 hp but in the guide they are listed to have 75,000 hp? i’m playing on medium if that makes a difference?

  11. eStates says :

    I’m at level 51, and believe I’ve found a strategy for all dragons:
    Give everyone Turn Tables and Transience support skills. (Turn Tables may not be necessary, but I like what it does here).
    Change everyone into a ninja, and have then spam Utsusemi. As long as you’re faster than the dragon, there is nothing it can do to harm you. It never Braves, and all its attacks are physical, even breath.
    With this strategy, I’m in the process of watching TV while the party kills a dragon on their own, on fast-forward.

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