Thoughts on the Persona 4: Golden Ending (spoilers)

s7Persona 4: Golden has an immense and detailed hidden ending that rewards the hard work required to unlock it. I’ve crafted a spoiler free guide to help you get there, but in this post I’ll be sharing some quick thoughts on the game for you to check out once you’ve completed it. Please note that this includes major spoilers, and I’d advise any reader to be familiar with all of the game’s content before continuing.

s5One of my favourite things about Persona 4 is the sheer length of it’s ending. But this doesn’t feel drawn out, and when you consider how long the game is the concept of having an additional 5 hours worth of secret endings feels appropriate. On top of this, the content that takes place after the Adachi storyline has concluded might just be my favourite part of the game, and having invested so much time with the characters I personally never wanted the story to end.

Whilst some of the Vita exclusive content does slot into the already existing narrative, the ending was of course the only point from which Atlus could extent the storyline properly. This presumably accounts for the large amount of detail that is present in the game’s epilogue, in which each of the characters have a distinct new look. It’s crazy to think how much effort went into creating this section of the game, and how few players much actually reach it (I didn’t unlock it in my first playthrough so in total it took me 90+ hours to get there).

s4But what’s perhaps my favourite thing about the game is the sheer extent of what you can achieve, and the game has a fitting end for a remarkable adventure with some crazy posibilities. Want to have all the female characters as girlfriends? At the same time? Why not? Want to be stronger than a god? Sure. Want to make out with Margaret? Well…

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