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This Week’s Purchase: New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Edition

1This week I purchased the New Nintendo 3DS; an updated version of Nintendo’s handheld with a few notable improvements. Whilst the console itself isn’t launching in Europe till 13th February the ‘Ambassador Edition’ system has already been made available – and it’s this version in particular that I’ll be looking at today.

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Review: Pokémon X & Y

titlePokémon X & Y marks a notable step forwards for the series. After a few too many years perfecting an ageing formula, Game Freak has finally implemented the changes that many have been dying to see for a long time. It might not be the best Pokémon game ever made, but there’s enough here to warrant embarking on its familiar journey once again.

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Review: Project X Zone

TitleA few years ago a game like Project X Zone would have never been released outside of Japan. But times (they) are (a) changing, and I’m certainly glad that a title such as this is available in the West, even if it is a strictly specialist game. It’s about as ‘Japanese’ as a videogame gets, and there’s no denying that Project X Zone is a unique, if slightly odd, experience.

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