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Review: Arcadias no Ikusahime (Import)

titleAre you looking for a game that’s like Dragon’s Crown but makes no sense because it’s entirely in Japanese? If this is the case then Arcadias no Ikusahime might actually appeal to you, but otherwise the language barrier could be a problem. So is it worth trawling through incomprehensible menus and tutorials to reach the action underneath? Arcadias no Ikusahime isn’t a terrible game, but the short answer is probably not.

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Review: Phantom Breaker Extra (Import)

titlePhantom Breaker Extra is a 2D fighter by Japanese developer 5pb. Whilst at a glance similar to the likes of BlazBlue and Guilty Gear, it doesn’t take long to realise that this game fails to match the quality I’d almost began to expect as a standard for the genre. In fact, 5pb’s latest title reminds us that Arc System Works have been spoiling us with fighting games these last few years, and Phantom Breaker Extra is both underwhelming and unenjoyable.

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Review: Dangan Ronpa

dangan ronpaIn Dangan Ronpa a group of highschool students are forced to compete in an evil game where the only escape is murder. Sound familiar? Dangan Ronpa isn’t even the only ‘Battle Royale’ esque story I’ve reviewed this week, but it certainly has more than enough originality underneath it’s familiar surface. In fact, it’s borrowed elements are all executed perfectly, and Dangan Ronpa is so good that it largely exceeds that which it takes influence from.

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