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CRTs, PVMs, RGB SCART adapters and more – How to get the best picture from your retro games (part II)

IMG_0190Last time we began our journey towards the ultimate retro game picture, and this meant talking about cables. If you’ve landed here wondering how to make your old consoles look great then I’d recommend checking this article out first, as today I’ll be building on everything previously covered. That means I’ll be talking PVMs, CRTs, RGB SCART adapters and more.

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The Ultimate Cable Guide – How to get the best picture from your retro games (part I)

Ultimate Cable Guide3If you’ve ever tried to plug your old Super Nintendo or Mega Drive into a modern, High Definition television, then it’s likely that you were quite horrified with the results. Without the right set up, and the right cables, retro games don’t look good – especially on new TVs. But working out what kit your need, and what will work best for you, can be more that a little confusing. That’s why I’ve put together this guide, which starts with the basics but also covers all the complicated stuff you’ll need to help get the best picture from your retro games.

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