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Review: Persona 4 The Animation

Persona4Persona 4 The Animation may have a relatively specific appeal, but for fans of the game it’s an easy recommendation. I mean who wouldn’t want an anime retelling of their favourite RPG? It’s an excellent example of Japan’s smart attitude towards transmedia, and whilst it’s essentially a retelling of the game’s story, it is an entertaining and well-crafted adaptation of its source material.

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Retro Review: Re-Volt

titleHailing from an age of intense arcade racers, Re-Volt is a fast and exciting game. Often hailed as a classic multiplayer title, its substantial selection of cars and tracks makes for a game that’s great fun solo, but even with better with friends. With tight controls, a cool soundtrack, and addictive gameplay, it succeeds in providing a retro racing experience that has stood the test of time incredibly well.

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Review: Steins;Gate

titleTime travel has always been an intriguing concept, but it’s also a mechanically tricky and inherently cliché idea that is very rarely as exciting as it should be. Often used without any real though, some of it’s most well known applications in film, television and literature are remarkably haphazard, and the plot holes generated as a result are problematic. 5bp’s Magnum Opus does not approach it’s subject matter lightly, and the result is scientifically believable, narratively sound, and emotionally riveting. It’s time to open the Steins;Gate!

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This Week on Dracula’s Cave

Business is expanding, and the last couple of weeks on Dracula’s Cave have been the busiest yet. Our ‘.wordpress’ origins are no more, and we now have the very fancy ‘draculascave.co’ domain name. I’ve also added my twitter feed to the site, so please follow that if you’d like updates for new content as well as general musings. Finally I’ve just recently written the first retro themed article on the site, and hopefully this will be followed by many more. I’m going to try adding maybe about one retro review a week from now on, so look out for that! In the mean time, please enjoy your stay at Dracula’s Cave.

Review: Dangan Ronpa: The Animation

dangan ronpaDangan Ronpa is one of my favourite PSP games (full review here), and its story is both involving and thrilling. The strong source material works in favour of the anime retelling, and whilst Dangan Ronpa: The Animation may feel a little familiar, the combination of a superb narrative and impressive presentation is a difficult formula to beat.

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