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The Ultimate SEGA Saturn Guide Part II: The 20 must-have Saturn games

Albert OdysseyThe SGEA Saturn has a varied library of games, and it’s surprisingly great – especially if you’re including the many Japan-only titles (which I am) that are well worth importing. There’s so much choice that a top twenty was the absolute minimum I could refine my favourites down to, and today I’ll be detailing these games and explaining why I’d consider them to be the must-have games for any Saturn owner.

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The Ultimate SEGA Saturn Guide Part I: Introduction to the Saturn

Sega_SaturnThe Sega Saturn is a misunderstood console, and one often overlooked. Whilst SEGA’s system didn’t enjoy commercial success, strong sales are rarely an indicator of quality for either a system or its games. Put simply the SEGA Saturn is one of – if not the most, underrated console there is, and if you’re ready to explore its varied library of classic games then read on.

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Retro Review: Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition

Daytona USABack in 1993 SEGA released the original Daytona USA, the first title to utilise their new SEGA Model 2 hardware. Whilst the mid 90s are now generally remembered for SEGA’s clumsy add-ons, overpriced peripherals, and the commercial failings of the Saturn, it’s easy to forget that at the same time the company was dominating the arcade market. The Model 2 was incredibly advanced, and at the time Daytona USA was perhaps the most impressive looking game ever made. Two years later and SEGA was porting their arcade hits to the Saturn, a system not exactly famous for its 3D processing power. The home console version of Daytona is a far from perfect port, but it’s still a unique conversion of this classic game.

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