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Review: Street Fighter X Tekken

TitleWas I the only person who saw this fighting game crossover coming? I mean if we can have Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games then we can have Street Fighter X Tekken. Still, you’ll only be playing five minutes before realising that this Capcom developed game is essentially Street Fighter IV with Tekken characters, and we’ll have to wait until next year to see Namco’s take on the series.

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Review: Project X Zone

TitleA few years ago a game like Project X Zone would have never been released outside of Japan. But times (they) are (a) changing, and I’m certainly glad that a title such as this is available in the West, even if it is a strictly specialist game. It’s about as ‘Japanese’ as a videogame gets, and there’s no denying that Project X Zone is a unique, if slightly odd, experience.

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