Merry Christmas from Dracula’s Cave!

Ouran High School ChristmasHappy Christmas everyone! Hope you all get loads of great presents and have an awesome day. I’ve asked Santa for Persona Q, Danganronpa 2, and Strider 2 for PS1. Fingers crossed…


2 responses to “Merry Christmas from Dracula’s Cave!”

  1. JSpace says :

    Believe it or not, the only video game related Xmas gifts I got were California Speed, Aero Gauge and Buck Bumble for the N64. I guess word has got out to my friends that I like “crappy” N64 games. Buck Bumble turned out to be really good actually and I enjoy California Speed’s silly track designs. Aero Gauge is… um, interesting. It’s futuristic racing vehicle designs are cool at least (arguably cooler than Wipeout’s or F-Zero’s). Strider 2 is the bee’s knees by the way, hope you got it.

    • Disco Dracula says :

      Haha they all look awesome, California Rush in particular. I dont think the N64 version came out in the UK but I’ll look into importing it as I’ve got one of those adapter thingys about somewhere. And Areo Gauge.. oh man that game looks great! Totally got Strider 2 by the way :) excellent game and I’d been after it for ages!

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