Top 5 Christmas themed games

titleChristmas is almost here, and what better way to celebrate the holidays than with some festive themed videogames? Here’s a list of my favourite games that are perfect for getting into the Christmas spirit.

mickey5. World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

Would World of Illusion be higher on the list if it had more than one Christmas level? Maybe. In fact this festive treat is not only a special stage but it’s also only playable in co-op mode. But it’s made the top 5 because it’s simply that good, and the fact that it can (well, must) be enjoyed with a friend is a nice bonus.

shenmue4. Shenmue

Shenmue begins on the 29th of November, and you’ll only be a few hours in before everyone is getting ready for Christmas. The town of Dobutia becomes covered in Christmas decorations and there’s even a man dressed as Santa walking around. Of course (as with all of Shenmue) he’s fairly creepy, but don’t let that get in the way of your Christmas fun.

animal crossing3. Animal Crossing

All of the Animal Crossing games are a joy to play at Christmas, with some extra surprises on Christmas day itself. The GameCube version remains my favourite, but any of the games in the series are pretty much guaranteed to get you feeling festive.

toy commander2. Toy Commander Christmas Surprise

Found on the DreamOn demo disc included with the official Dreamcast Magazine, Toy Commander Christmas Surprise is its own game, as this exclusive level is not available anywhere else. It might be short, but makes up for it by letting you fly around as Santa on a jet pack. If you’re looking to pick this one up (and it’s well worth it) it can be found on DreamOn Volume 4 in the UK and Volume 10 in the USA.

Christmas Nights1. Christmas NiGHTS

Could there be any other winner? Christmas NiGHTS destroys all competition and is easily the best festive game ever created. It’s only two levels long, but I’ve found myself playing it every year, and it never gets old. If you play the game on Christmas day (or, y’know, set the SEGA Saturn’s internal clock to December 25th) there’s a few additional surprises too, and these add to an already magical experience.

There’s plenty of other games that are great fun to play at Christmas, although few use the subject as a main focus rather than the setting for a single level. You’ve also got quite a few games where simply the inclusion of some snow gives the experience a real Christmassy vibe, and these are also well worth a play. I’d also recommend the following for their festive feel: Super Mario 64, Batman Returns, Banjo-Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing, SSX On Tour, Sonic Lost World, Mario Kart 64, Amped 3

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