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Review: Persona 3: The Movie #3 Falling Down

Persona 3 Falling DownAs the third film in the tetralogy, Persona 3: Falling Down faces all the challenges that the previous two movies have already struggled with. At the same time it’s now easy to take the impressive visuals and production design for granted – this look is now to be expected. In light of this I didn’t expect Falling Down to surprise me in the way it did, but the movie has several notable improvements over its predecessors, and the result is the best Persona 3 film yet.

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Review: Persona 3: The Movie #1 Spring of Birth

Persona3I can’t have been the only person who watched Persona 4 The Animation and then saw this coming. I can’t have been the only one who, after finishing the highly enjoyable and faithful retelling of the Persona 4 story, thought that one day the same justice would be done to Persona 3. That one day we’d have a P3 anime that wasn’t Trinity Soul. Well, that day has finally arrived. The first Persona 3 movie is here.

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