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This Week’s Purchase: Namco neGcon Controller + Games

negconThis week I purchased a rather strange looking device; the Namco neGcon controller. Characterised by the large swivel mechanism in its centre, this PlayStation accessory was originally created to allow for full analogue control in Namco’s console port of the game Ridge Racer. Today it can be used with a wide selection of classic PlayStation racers, and I’ll be taking a look at its functionality, as well as some of these titles, in full detail below.

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Review: Street Fighter X Tekken

TitleWas I the only person who saw this fighting game crossover coming? I mean if we can have Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games then we can have Street Fighter X Tekken. Still, you’ll only be playing five minutes before realising that this Capcom developed game is essentially Street Fighter IV with Tekken characters, and we’ll have to wait until next year to see Namco’s take on the series.

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