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15 Underrated Classics for the Nintendo Wii

Pandoras TowerThe Nintendo Wii was a strange console, with experimental motion controls, lots of controllers, and a varied library of games. Overall there was a large rift in the quality of these titles, a divide also seen on the GameCube that was exaggerated by the Wii’s strong sales; the good games were really good and the bad games were really bad. There was also a lot of them, perhaps explaining why a few hidden gems slipped by unnoticed. It’s fifteen of these lesser-know classics that I’ll be recommending today.

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This Week’s Purchase: Orange GameBoy Advance (with Backlight) + Japanese Games

1This week I bought a first generation GameBoy Advance. This was a console I used to really like, but its unilluminated screen means that by today’s standards it’s just about impossible to see in pretty much any lighting condition. However, when I found a fix for the console’s Achilles heel, in the form of a custom installed backlit screen, I also rediscovered my love for Nintendo’s classic handheld.

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