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15 Underrated Classics for the Nintendo Wii

Pandoras TowerThe Nintendo Wii was a strange console, with experimental motion controls, lots of controllers, and a varied library of games. Overall there was a large rift in the quality of these titles, a divide also seen on the GameCube that was exaggerated by the Wii’s strong sales; the good games were really good and the bad games were really bad. There was also a lot of them, perhaps explaining why a few hidden gems slipped by unnoticed. It’s fifteen of these lesser-know classics that I’ll be recommending today.

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15 Underrated Classics for the Nintendo GameCube

kirby-air-ride-title3The Nintendo GameCube is one of my favourite consoles. It has an extensive library of great games, although the majority of these have admittedly received the recognition they deserve. Mario is awesome, Zelda is awesome and Metroid is awesome. You probably already know this. However, over the console’s lifetime a small handful of great games went unnoticed, and today I’ve gathered together a list of my favourite underrated GameCube classics.

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