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Review: Dead Rising 3

titleI’ll be perfectly honest, if Dead Rising 3 hadn’t been a launch game for Xbox One then I probably wouldn’t have bothered with it. But as one of only three exclusives (unless you want to be pedantic and include Crimson Dragon et al) I figured it would be a better option than only having Forza 5 to play on my new console. And I must say I’m more that a little surprised; Dead Rising 3 is an immensely fun and addictive game that pushes the series to new heights.

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This Week’s Purchase: Xbox One: Day One Edition

01This week I spent a little more than I usually do on videogames, and I usually spend quite a lot. I’m not going to try and justify the Xbox One’s enormous price tag, but hey, if you’re planning to play Xbox games in the next seven years then you’ll need one of these machines, so why not get it now? ‘Day One’ has certainly been an exciting day, and before it’s over I’m going to share some early impressions of Microsoft’s new console, as well as a few of it’s games.

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