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Review: Persona 4 Golden

titlePersona 4 Golden isn’t like other RPG games. In fact, I can’t think of anything that comes close to matching the levels of depth and accessibility that are perfectly blended together in Atlus’ masterpiece. Part highschool murder mystery, and part dungeon crawler, Persona 4 sets you out on an unforgettable adventure where you must stop a serial killer and uncover the truth behind a supernatural television channel.

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Thoughts on the Persona 4: Golden Ending (spoilers)

s7Persona 4: Golden has an immense and detailed hidden ending that rewards the hard work required to unlock it. I’ve crafted a spoiler free guide to help you get there, but in this post I’ll be sharing some quick thoughts on the game for you to check out once you’ve completed it. Please note that this includes major spoilers, and I’d advise any reader to be familiar with all of the game’s content before continuing.

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