Orange Cube for PS Vita – First look

Exciting news, Orange Cube – the upcoming platformer made by Dracula’s Cave is now running on PlayStation Vita! Development for Sony’s handheld is still in primary stages, but I’m already hoping to bring Orange Cube to the Vita sometime next year. Read on for more updates on the game.

OC1I know I’ve been a little quite about Orange Cube recently, but progress has been steady and the PC/Mac version of the game is currently in the process of being tested to destruction. It’s likely that this will land first as there’s a tonne of features that need reformatting for the new platform.

On the larger computer there are huge levels and crazy effects that either don’t work at all on the smaller screen, or don’t perform correctly on the hardware. That’s not to say the PS Vita version will end up a ‘light’ edition of the game however – far from it. Instead it will be more intricate and more personal, with the large levels being broken down into tiny hand-crafted worlds. This will be a mix of reworked content from the PC/Mac game as well as original levels designed to take advantage of the platform. Oh, and Orange Cube both looks and feels great on the Vita.

OC2For now please enjoy the video, and look forward to more Orange Cube updates in the future. If you’re interested in the possibility of the game coming to iOS/other mobile platforms then never say never, but for now I’ll be focusing on one thing at a time, and that means bringing it to PSM first.

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One response to “Orange Cube for PS Vita – First look”

  1. The Otaku Judge says :

    Looks like it controls well on a Vita. The music is nice and relaxing.

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