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Dracula’s Book Club

I don’t usually write book reviews, but I’ve recently read some really great stuff I’d like to share with everyone. All the books I’ll be talking about focus on videogames in some way, so should hopefully be the kind of thing readers of Dracula’s Cave will be interested in. I’ve currently got plans for three reviews, and this is a mix of fiction and non-fiction. First one will be up later today, and please look forward to the following two I’ll be publishing in the upcoming weeks!

Review: Call of Duty: Ghosts

titleThe premise of Call of Duty: Ghosts is a lot like that of 24 Season 6; the calamity isn’t prevented, the nuke goes off, and a load of people are blown up, although in the case of Ghosts it’s technically a giant space laser used to fry California. Think the Hammer of Dawn but bigger and you’re halfway there. Infinity Ward’s latest game combines a grim future with familiar gameplay, and takes the series in an interesting, if slightly confused, new direction.

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Retro Review: Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition

Daytona USABack in 1993 SEGA released the original Daytona USA, the first title to utilise their new SEGA Model 2 hardware. Whilst the mid 90s are now generally remembered for SEGA’s clumsy add-ons, overpriced peripherals, and the commercial failings of the Saturn, it’s easy to forget that at the same time the company was dominating the arcade market. The Model 2 was incredibly advanced, and at the time Daytona USA was perhaps the most impressive looking game ever made. Two years later and SEGA was porting their arcade hits to the Saturn, a system not exactly famous for its 3D processing power. The home console version of Daytona is a far from perfect port, but it’s still a unique conversion of this classic game.

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