5 Games that Grand Theft Auto V also is

titleRemember the first GTA V gameplay trailer? It had a large focus on the variety of different activities (aside from murdering prostitutes and playing darts) that would not only make it one of the most immersive games ever, but also a significant advancement for the series. Well now it’s here, and I’ve spend far too much time over the last week trying out everything that the game has to offer. If you’re simply not interested in a crime based sandbox, then here’s 5 other games GTA V attempts to be.

011. Pilotwings Resort

Do you like flying planes through rings? Because if so then Grand Theft Auto V might just be the game for you. That’s assuming you already completed Pilotwings: Resort about three hours after you bought it. GTA V’s flight school nearly rivals it in length, and has an entertaining series of similar challenges for you to enjoy.

022. Virtua Tennis: World Tour

Grand Theft Auto 5 isn’t exactly a great tennis simulator, but neither is Virtua Tennis: World Tour. If you’re looking for a fairly mediocre tennis experience then these two games have you covered.

033. Smuggler’s Run

There really aren’t enough good smuggling games out there, but I can still think of two. GTA V isn’t just like Smuggler’s Run, it is Smuggler’s Run, in the form of an awesome minigame that brings back the classic gameplay of Rockstar’s older game. Look out for the dune buggy by the airfield you can purchase just North of Sandy Shores, and prepare for some serious smuggling fun.

044. Wave Race: Blue Storm

Another great genre lacking in top games; the Jet Ski racer. It’s been so long since I bought a decent Jet Ski game, and in comparison to what else is out there Grand Theft Auto V isn’t half bad. The tracks are varied but there’s not enough of them. Just like Wave Race: Blue Storm.

055. Steel Diver

There might be a few differences here actually. But still, if you’re looking to explore the bottom of the ocean then you’re not going to have too many games to chose from. GTA V includes possibly the only method of transport not already seen in the series, and the result is every bit as fun as you’d imagine.

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